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Discover how to earn a 6-FIGURE+ income from home by building a private label business on Amazon! Get instant access to all my course videos, techniques and resources...for FREE!

What's In The Course?

You get to look over my shoulder and I list and launch a real product inside a real Seller Central account. This is a full training course for beginners, with detailed steps to take to launch your own products on Amazon.

How FBA Works

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Business Formation

Critical FBA Settings

Insurance Pitfalls

Legal Landmines

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Masterclass Course Outline

Get access to exactly how I built my 7-figure FBA business, what's working in 2021 and all the tips and tricks you'll need to skyrocket sales. This is an easy step-by-step "do this, then that " process.


No catch, it's completely free. I don't even ask for a credit card. Crazy right? (my wife thinks so...). This is a full-course, not an hour-long "live" webinar. Download the PDF above to see all of the videos waiting for you inside, for free.


  • No Credit Card Needed! 
  • Instant Access To All Content!
  • No Upsells, No Upgrades, No BS!
  • This is a FULL COURSE not a "webinar" pitch!

Create A Revenue Stream of 6, 7 and even 8 Figures

...so you can finally leave that dead end job!

Thousands are earning over $100,000 per year on Amazon, and you can too! Using the same techniques and strategies that top FBA sellers use. Growing to 6 figures and beyond is within your reach once you know and use these formulas!

Step By Step Instructions

Learn all my marketing techniques to boost sales and remain profitable!

From account setup and product selection, to launching and scaling, the Masterclass

covers it all in an easy to follow "do this, then that" format.

PROVEN Launch Strategies All On Video

You'll watch as I set up my new product and launch it - ranking onto Page 1 after just 2 days using this easy-to-follow launch strategy. I'll show you a real Seller Central account, a real product and real results of the launch every few days. You'll also receive my launch strategy calendar to follow ensuring your launch pushes your product to the top of the results!

Business Equity Formula To Easily Sell Your Business

In 2018, I sold my first FBA business for $600,000, just 30 months after launching my private label brands on Amazon. Learn the "must have" elements your business needs to be attractive to a buyer.  I'll supply you with the SAME document I was provided by my buyer so you know EXACTLY what buyers are looking for. With this information, you can start building a sellable business from DAY 1.


  • No Credit Card Needed! 
  • Instant Access To All Content!
  • No Upsells, No Upgrades, No BS!
  • This is a FULL COURSE not a "webinar" pitch!

Easy to follow "do this, then that" format for anyone to understand.

Advanced training and techniques that the top 1% of FBA sellers use. 


Communicate and get feedback on our "members only" Facebook group where help is always free.

Designed with startups in mind, we show you tools and strategies that keep overhead low and profits high. 

Starting my private label business was a disaster and after going through the Masterclass course, I quickly got back on track. I'm excited for the future and want to thank Peter for his help and his willingness

to share such great content!

Steve F.

FBA Family Masterclass Student

I'm a full-time mom of four, and I just didn't have the time to go figure all this stuff out. I was impressed with all the videos and the easy links so you just click through to what you need. This course was a HUGE time saver!

Dominique D.

FBA Family Masterclass Student

I've always wanted to start on Amazon, and Peter showed me how, quickly. I wasn't sure how to do so many of these steps - this made it super simple...and it was FREE!

Joel C.

FBA Family Masterclass Student



There's no need for extra office space or storage. All you need is a computer with internet access.


Start building your business with only a few hours per week and only when it's convenient for you.


We utilize Amazon's FBA program to store, process and ship all our orders. We never ship ourselves.


You never need any complicated credit card processing systems, Amazon does all of this for us.


I'll show you how to outsource 99% of what you'll need to do in order to launch your product on Amazon.


You don't need good credit or a co-signer to open or operate your business on Amazon.


Set up correctly, your business can be designed to run with very little of your involvement if you desire.


Your customers won't know who you are and Amazon never shares your information with them.


Amazon handles all of the return requests, payments, shipping, refunds, collects taxes and so much more.

With the right system, generating a

Full-Time Income 

is within your reach! Build it once, then scale it!

The True Cost Of Misinformation

There is a lot of information "landmines" out there about Amazon FBA and launching a private label business. This bad information will COST YOU MONEY if you act on the wrong information or simply don't have the education.

Here are a few examples:

Wrong Product Selection:  $4,000

Picking the wrong item using outdated information may cost you thousands in useless product, banned product or even dangerous goods that may become worthless.  Not only will your inventory drop in value, but you'll need to pay to remove or destroy all your inventory in Amazon's warehouse; wait too long and you'll pay long-term storage fees. While no piece of software, mentor or course can guarantee a sure winner, I can definitely help you narrow down your selection for the highest % of success out there.

Needless Software:  $2,000

There are hundreds of companies trying to sell you "Amazon software" designed to make your life easier. But do you really need it right now?  Some are fantastic for advanced sellers - but practically useless for brand new sellers. Buying the right software at the wrong time can cost you thousands - you will need that cash for growth in the beginning stages.  I will lay out exactly what software you will need to start, and what software you can wait on using. I will streamline this process for you so you never spend more than you need to.

Banned Launch Strategies:  $1,000

Many "systems" out there claim to get you to page 1 of Amazon - and most of them can. But the risk far outweighs the rewards especially when your entire Amazon account is at stake. Using the wrong launch strategy puts your whole business at risk. This $1,000 loss represents just the cost of facilitating a launch that is against Amazon's Terms - and not the cost that you would incur if your account was suspended. Amazon changes rapidly, and being an active seller myself, I know what's working today. I'll show you exactly what to do.

IP Violations:  $5,000

There are 4 major intellectual property (IP) violations to avoid. If you violate another seller's IP, you may find yourself in a lawsuit virtually overnight, even if it was unintentional. With so much at risk, you'll need a strong IP Attorney to handle the demands of the other party.   Not only will you incur legal expenses, but your listing will be shut down, stranding your inventory and potentially freezing your Amazon account.  That's bad for cash flow - so I'll show you how to avoid these costs by using some simple techniques to help reduce the chance of dealing with lawyers.

Wrong Import Bond:  $400

You will need an import bond to import goods, which is a small insurance policy to guarantee you'll pay your import duties to the government. Simply buying from the right bond broker will save you $400 per year. Most major companies sell import bonds for $500 ~ $800 per year, I never pay more than $250.  I'll show you exactly where to go!

Overpriced Import Freight Broker:  $600

My import broker and freight forwarder are consistently 20% to 30% less expensive than some of those "other" guys out there. If you only imported two times per year, you can save up to $600 per year with the right company. I'll share with you exactly who I have used in the past, and who I'm using now (both are really good).

Packaging Violations:  $500

Amazon has specific rules when it comes to the packaging of your products, and how you ship your products to them. If you don't know what Amazon requires when it comes to shipping into their warehouse, and selling on their platform, you will easily incur unplanned costs like repack fees, double shipments, removal fees etc. in the amount of at least $500. This doesn't include the cost of lost sales and rank. I know about this because I've made most of these mistakes. So I'll help you stay clear of ever having to pay for these mistakes. 

$13,500 At Risk

These are just a few examples that could put your business at risk. Without enough capital you may not be able to recover from such heavy losses. Having the correct information will not only save you time and headache, but will save you thousands.


My methods & experience will save you time and speed up your success.


Save money by learning the right way and reducing cost from the start.

 Avoid The Risk

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  • No Credit Card Needed! 
  • Instant Access To All Content!
  • No Upsells, No Upgrades, No BS!
  • This is a FULL COURSE not a "webinar" pitch!


Married since 2003 and father of four girls, Peter started his eCom journey by selling on eBay in 1998; sourcing from local auctions and flipping collectibles. He parlayed these earnings into several consumer goods brick-and-mortar stores which he sold to start an import and distribution company in 2004. Importing from all over the world, Peter developed and launched over 100 different private label products reaching sales of over $4 Million per year.

In 2011 with high overhead and capital strains during the economic downturn, Peter was forced to liquidate and start over. Starting over at zero, he utilized retail arbitrage strategies on Amazon and later transitioned to private label brands. His first product was a total failure. After learning how to list and market private label brands on FBA in early 2016, he was able to sell his private label brands in 2018 for $600K (all cash). Soon after Peter was asked to start private coaching for high-income / high-maintenance clients looking to quickly enter and scale on Amazon, which he charged upwards of $50K per client.

Today he continues to sell his own private label brands on Amazon and has dedicated a majority of his time to helping others create the "Amazon Lifestyle" through his FBA Family training courses.


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